8 Logo Design Trends That Own 2018


8 Logo Design Trends That Own 2018

In this world of ever-changing business trends, it should come as no surprise that logo trends are also always changing and developing. Your logo is one of the most important parts of your branding; after all, it is your most recognizable asset, so it needs to be authentic and it needs to be good.
When choosing a logo design that feels fresh and relevant, recognizing the logo design trends is crucial. You want your brand to come across as being on-trend but at the same time, you want to stand out above your competitors and be different.

So, what’s in store for you? Here are 8 logo design trends that are dominating 2018.

1. Responsive

In this day and age, it is important that your logo is flexible and dynamic enough to fit well into all types of screen sizes and resolutions. By applying ‘responsive’ design principles to individual elements of a logo, and reorganizing or using only a part of it, a more neat and suitable logo can be displayed. So, naturally, responsive logos are on trending list for 2018 because they make an elegant and efficient use of any screen real estate.


2. Minimalism

Minimalism is not a new logo design trend. It has been around since forever and has been carried on in 2018 as well. Minimalistic logo designs are a crowd-puller and stick to the philosophy to say more with less. Unique, simple and memorable – these logos do the best job to help customers identify a brand, so they are a hot choice among brands and designers alike.


3. Gradient

Like minimalism, gradient logos are nothing new. With the upsurge of overlapping techniques, though, they have been put into the forefront of brands’ minds. The idea behind gradient logos is this: simple and easily recognizable geometric shapes in bold, solid colors, overlaid as a logo concept that is neither dated nor too risky.

4. Negative space

A logo that exhibits some clever and crafty use of negative space cannot miss being in the design trends for 2018. Negative space logos are some of the most interesting logo designs and will undoubtedly capture customers’ attention, make them think twice and leave a long-lasting impression on their minds.

5. Color inspiration

The beauty of the world and its appealing factor is due to the presence of various colors in this universe. Such is the fate of colors in a logo design that they not only make the brand appealing but also desirable to customers. Colors have the power to transform the moods of individuals. They have certain reactions associated with them. Every color carries its own individualistic frequency that helps to change the mindset of its receiver after striking them. So, it is only natural that logos that draw inspiration from color psychology are a hit in 2018.

6. Letter breaks

Letter breaks have unique advantages when compared to other logo design styles: the irregularities in the letters not only wonderfully convey a brand’s message but also make a strong visual impact on the audience. No wonder letter breaks are on our list of top logo design trends for 2018.

7. Neo Vintage

Vintage logo designs never lose their charm. When combined with contemporary aesthetic touches, however, they look all the more appealing.Neo vintage logo designs are all the rage right now and though they can be difficult to pull
off,when there is a nostalgic air to the design, it definitely commands attention.

8. Parallelograms

Every now and then, nothing works quite as well as going back to basics. And that is where parallelograms work their charm. They are all about perfection and imposing order along creativity. These symmetrical, clean and understated logo designs are clearly a favorite among many brands in 2018.

In the world of logo design, there are more experiments going on with the upcoming trends. Some trends reach out to a foreseeable future, some trends may fade off in the competition, but the utmost success of your branding is solely dependent on designing your masterpiece. The takeaway here is that even if you are implementing the new logo design trends, make sure your logo is efficient – and one that will still look in place a few decades down the line.