7 questions to ask when ordering a custom logo for your business


7 questions to ask when ordering a custom logo for your business

Finding an expert logo design agency to work for you is like a gift from heaven for your business. After all, logo design is an integral component of brand building as it is considered one of the most effective ways to help consumers remember your company. Marketing your business without a logo or with a shoddy logo is like hitting another deadline in the long maze of market pitfalls. But, logo design is not a piece of cake if you want something that stands out and is unique and intriguing.

As a business owner, your priority should be to plan the kind of logo you want for your business. These plans should be carefully laid out before actually hiring a design company. You also need to choose the perfect company to help you in logo design. With this in mind, here are the seven most important questions to ask your logo design agency when ordering a custom logo design for your business.

Q.1 Do you have a philosophy of design?

The best way to tell apart an amateur from a professional design company is to ask the company about their philosophy of logo design. While an amateur will only copy paste some clipart, a professional logo design agency will base their designs with all the facts in hand. They will look at the picture from your business perspective, evaluate your business model and target audience and only then they will start brainstorming.

Q2. What do you charge for a basic logo?

The correct answer to this question is anywhere from nothing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could generalize and say that you get what you pay for. This statement would be true most of the times but there are definitely many cases where people spend a lot of money and get absolute garbage and cases where people spend only a little and get a real branding jewel that works wonders for their business. Take the pricing of Logo Recyclers, for example; they offer very high-quality logo designs at unbelievably competitive prices. They charge a mere $79 for their ‘basic’ logo package, $119 for their most popular ‘pro’ package, and $149 for their ‘ultimate’ package with all the bells and whistles!

Q3. Do you use color psychology?

The world is full of brilliant colors with subjective perceptions of everyone. Every shade has a deeper meaning and message to convey to a viewer. Using colors in a logo is an amalgam of creativity and technical expertise. Therefore, the logo design agency you choose should at least have a basic understanding of color psychology so that they can convey the message of your brand effectively in a logo through the use of specific tones.

Q4. Do you offer logo revisions?

It is very rare that any logo company will develop a winning logo concept the first go-round. Having a detailed creative brief may get them close, but, almost always, a final concept will require a few changes to fully realize your vision. Accordingly, be sure to ask the logo design agency if they offer unlimited logo revisions, at least in their middle to upper-tiered logo packages. If not, you may end up paying more money in additional revision fees than the entire cost of the initial design package.

Q5. What is your turnaround time?

If you are looking to start marketing your business, then you should be aware of the actual turnaround time when you can have your logo. Whether you choose a big logo designing company or a freelance design firm, ask them about their turnaround time so you can have the right expectations for your logo.

Q6. Who gets the ownership of the final logo?

Once you have your logo designed, you would like to have a sense of security that it will not be used by any other firm. The only way that you can acquire exclusive rights to your logo design is by asking the design company to transfer complete ownership rights exclusively to you or your business. These rights mean that you have the sole right to produce and reproduce your logo design. In other words, other companies cannot take the design to print it on merchandising clothing, flyers, CD cover, or a banner.

Q7. What kind of files will be given for the final design?

Since not every person is a designer or at least an expert in computer software, ask if you can get your design in generic file formats. There are different specialized file formats that you can work on, but there are also generic formats that are so much easier to deal with.

With a gazillion logo design companies having a presence on the Internet, searching for the right one can be mind-boggling at best. However, when you are prepared with these seven questions, you can make the best possible decision for your company in creating the most crucial aspect of your business – the logo.